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Arduino Fio

Arduino Fio

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The Arduino Fio is an Arduino board designed for easy wireless control. Pair it up with an XBee Series1 radio and a LiPo battery and you have a wireless Arduino.

Arduino Fio

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We recommend you to also buy the XBee Series 1 Module and a Polymer Lithium Ion Battery to get the most out of this board.

The Arduino Funnel I/O (Fio) is a board designed by Shigeru Kobayashi, based on the original design from LilyPad.

Funnel is a toolkit to sketch your idea physically, and consists of software libraries and hardware. By using Funnel, the user can interface to sensors and/or actuators with various programming languages such as ActionScript 3, Processing, and Ruby.

Arduino Fio is compatible with Funnel. It has connections for a Lithium Polymer battery and includes a charge circuit over USB. An XBee socket is available on the bottom of the board. The Fio has been designed to be wirelessly reprogrammable. Check out Sparkfun's tutorial on wireless bootloading!

Note: The miniUSB connector is used for battery charging only. You will need to use the FTDI Basic Breakout Board (3.3V) to upload your code. (Or do it wirelessly).

Note: The XBee socket and FTDI connection live on the same TX/RX pins of the ATmega328. You will need to remove the XBee module while reprogramming over serial. We recommend using a wireless bootloader whenever possible to avoid this step.


  • ATmega328V running at 8MHz
  • Arduino Bootloader
  • XBee socket
  • Lithium Polymer battery compatible
  • MCP73831T LiPo Charger
  • Reset button
  • On/Off Switch
  • Status/Charge/RSSI LEDs


This version of the Fio has a MCP73831T LiPo Charger circuit.

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