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Electronics for educators.artists.designers.makers.engineers.everyone.

Månsteri Store is your friendly neighbourhood electronics store that focuses on easily approachable products for experimenting with electronics, microcontrollers and programming. 

Who Are We?

Månsteri Store is a one-man operation run by Helsinki-based media artist Matti Niinimäki, who has been working on experimental media art for over 10 years. Månsteri has also been producing numerous interactive installations for museums and science centers in Finland.

Here is a selected list of museums that currently have installations created by Månsteri:

  • Helsinki City Museum, Helsinki
  • Rupriikki, Tampere
  • The Finnish Museum of Games, Tampere
  • Museo Milavida, Tampere
  • Kouvolan Taidemuseo, Kouvola
  • Mobilia, Kangasala

In addition to his own creative work, Matti has been teaching interactive art, electronics and programming in various universities and schools in Finland and abroad, therefore he has a very thorough understanding of the specific needs for designers, artists, educators, and makers looking for creative technological solutions.

What Do We Sell?

Our focus is on the Arduino ecosystem, various sensors, and parts for robotics. We try to find products that are compatible with each other as much as possible. Månsteri as a company produces a large amount of interactive installations each year and we try to sell only things that we would be comfortable using in our own works.

Currently we are distributing products mainly from these brands:

Featured Brands


Sometimes Månsteri Store hosts workshops at the Månsteri Hideout in Vallila, Helsinki. Are you interested in a workshop taught by Matti Niinimäki? Send a message through the contact page.

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