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Adafruit NeoPixel LED Side Light Strip - Black 90 LED

Adafruit NeoPixel LED Side Light Strip - Black 90 LED

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Adafruit NeoPixel LED Side Light Strip - Black 90 LED


‌Neopixel strip with LEDs that point to the side instead of straight up.


Fancy new side light LED strips are a great alternative for folks who have loved and used Adafruit LED strips for a few years but want gorgeous, glowy light emitting at 90 degrees. They're very skinny so you can run them along a thin edge and curve them around shapes and corners. These look awesome for accent lighting, back lighting, edge lighting, etc! 

The strip is constructed of flexible black PCB material with weatherproof sheathing. You can cut this stuff pretty easily with wire cutters. There is a cut line halfway down the strip. Solder to the 0.1" copper pads, and you're good to go! Of course, you can also connect strips together to make them longer, just watch how much current you need! 

This is the 90 LED-per-meter version of our Side Light strips. Each strip comes in a 1-meter reel with a 2-pin JST SM connector on each end. ‌


Tuotekoodi ADA-3635
Valmistaja Adafruit
Tavarantoimittaja Adafruit
Valmistajan linkit https://www.adafruit.com/product/3635‌

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