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  1. Adafruit 2.8" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino w/ Capacitive Touch

    A capaciteve touchscreen shield for the Arduino.
    46,00 €
  2. SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano

    The SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Reader is an Arduino-compatible board to get you started with the ThingMagic M6E Nano UHF RFID Reader.
    222,00 €
  3. SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Arduino

    ‌A shield for easily connecting sensors that use the Qwiic system to the Arduino.

  4. Arduino Stackable Header Kit - R3

    These headers are made to work with the Arduino Uno R3, Leonardo and new Arduino boards going forward. They are the perfect height for clearing the USB-B connector and great for stacking multiple shields. This kit includes 4 headers (1 8-pin, 1 10-pin and 2 6-pin), enough to connect a shield to an Arduino board. These are the same headers we use in our tutorials and with our own shields.

  5. Arduino ProtoShield - Bare PCB

    The ProtoShield mates with an Arduino development board and gives the user a small soldering area, two general LED footprints, access to a BlueSMiRF socket, a general pushbutton switch footprint, and most important of all - the Arduino reset switch is brought to the top level.

  6. Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino + Extras

    The Adafruit NFC shield is the perfect tool for any 13.56MHz RFID or NFC application. It uses the PN532 chip-set (the most popular NFC chip on the market) and is what is embedded in pretty much every phone or device that does NFC. This chipset is very powerful, and can pretty much do it all, such as read and write to tags and cards, communicate with phones (say for payment processing), and 'act' like a NFC tag. While the controller has many capabilities, our Arduino library currently only supports reading/writing tags, and does not support phone-to-shield communication, tag emulation (which requires an external 'secure element' only available from NXP) or other more advanced features at this time. 

    39,95 €
  7. Adafruit "Music Maker" MP3 Shield for Arduino (MP3/Ogg/WAV...)

    Bend all audio files to your will with the Adafruit Music Maker shield for Arduino! This powerful shield features the VS1053, an encoding/decoding (codec) chip that can decode a wide variety of audio formats such as MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MIDI, FLAC, WAV (PCM and ADPCM). It can also be used to record audio in both PCM (WAV) and compressed Ogg Vorbis. You can do all sorts of stuff with the audio as well such as adjusting bass, treble, and volume digitally.

    29,95 €
  8. RS232 Shield V2

    The RS232 serial port used to be the standard connection for most peripheral ports on PCs, but now the port is primarily used on industrial equipment and automation prototyping, with the RS232 Shield and its DB9 connector, you can now easily access those elements straight from your Arduino.

    13,00 €
  9. Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Shield - I2C interface

    Adafruit's PWM Servo Shield for the Arduino.Using only two I2C pins, control 16 free-running PWM outputs! You can even stack up 62 shields to control up to 992 PWM outputs.

    20,00 €
  10. Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2 Kit - v2.3

    Adafruit motor shield for running DC, stepper and servo motors.

    23,00 €
  11. XBee Shield

    XBee Shield for Arduino. Headers not included.

    17,00 €
  12. Electric Imp Shield

    If you aren't familiar with the Electric Imp, it essentially provides an easy, integrated way to connect almost any hardware device both to other devices and to internet services. It's more than just a WiFi card, or even a WiFi module with processing built in - it's an integrated platform that deals with the drudgery of connectivity, allowing you to concentrate on the application instead of the mechanics

    20,00 €
  13. Arduino WiFi Shield

    The Arduino WiFi Shield connects your Arduino to the internet wirelessly. Connect it to your wireless network by following a few simple instructions to start controlling your world through the internet. As always with Arduino, every element of the platform – hardware, software and documentation – is freely available and open-source. This means you can learn exactly how it's made and use its design as the starting point for your own circuits.

    85,00 €
  14. Ethernet Shield Without PoE Module

    Uusi versio Ethernet Shieldistä. Tämä on uusin Revision 3 -versio

    • Paikka microSD-kortille
    • Yhteensopivuus: Arduino Mega, Arduino UNO, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Duemilanove
    • Tämän version mukana ei tule Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) -moduulia
    32,00 €
  15. Wireless SD Shield

    The Wireless SD shield allows an Arduino board to communicate wirelessly using a wireless module. It is based on the Xbee modules from Digi, but can use any module with the same footprint. Included on board is a SD card slot.

    25,00 €
  16. PoE Module

    The Ag9120-S is a module designed to extract power from a conventional twisted pair Category 5 Ethernet cable, conforming to the IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard.

    What it means, is that you can power your board (Ethernet Shield, Arduino Ethernet) with cat5-cable.

    18,00 €
  17. Ethernet Shield With PoE Module

    Uusi versio Ethernet Shieldistä

    • Paikka microSD-kortille
    • Yhteensopivuus: Arduino Mega, Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove
    •  Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) -moduuli on valmiiksi kiinnitetty shieldiin.
    50,00 €
  18. MP3 Player Shield MP3 Player Shield

    MP3 Player Shield

    The MP3 Player Shield allows you to pull MP3 files from an SD card and play them using only one shield, effectively turning any Arduino into a fully functional stand-alone MP3 player!

    Normaali hinta: 30,00 €

    Special Price 20,00 €

  19. USB Host Shield

    The USB Host Shield contains all of the digital logic and analog circuitry necessary to implement a full-speed USB peripheral/host controller with your Arduino. This means you could use your Arduino to interface with and control any USB slave device - thumbdrives, digital cameras, bluetooth dongles, and much more!

    22,00 €


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