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  1. Linear Bearing Platform (Small) - 8mm Diameter - SC8UU

    ‌‌Make your robot or CNC move on rails super fast with a linear bearing platform. The platform is 34mm x 30mm and has four holes tapped for M4 machine screws so you can attach pretty much anything you want. 

  2. Makeblock Shaft Collar 4mm (10-Pack)

    ‌A pack of 10 shaft collars for 4mm shafts.

  3. Makeblock T6 L256mm Lead Screw and Brass Flange Nut Set

    ‌256mm lead screw with brass flange nut

    29,99 €
  4. Makeblock D Shaft 4x56mm – 4-Pack

    ‌A stainless steel D-shaped shaft. 4x56 mm.

  5. Makeblock Linear Motion Shaft D4*80mm (Pair)

    4mm x 80mm stainless steel shaft

  6. Makeblock D Shaft 4x128mm – 4-Pack

    ‌A stainless steel D-shaped shaft. 4x128 mm.

  7. Makeblock D Shaft 4x160mm – 4-Pack

    ‌A stainless steel D-shaped shaft. 4x160 mm.

  8. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 25mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 25mm long

  9. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 50mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 50mm long

  10. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 100mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 100mm long

  11. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 150mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 150mm long

  12. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 200mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 200mm long

  13. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 250mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 250mm long

  14. Shaft – Solid (5mm x 300mm)

    5mm solid shaft. 300mm long

  15. Shaft – Solid (6mm x 25mm)

    ‌6mm solid shaft. 25mm long

  16. Shaft – Solid (6mm x 50mm)

    ‌6mm solid shaft. 50mm long

  17. Shaft – Solid (6mm x 100mm)

    ‌6mm solid shaft. 100mm long

  18. Shaft – Solid (6mm x 150mm)

    ‌6mm solid shaft. 150mm long



Tuotteet 1-20 / 30

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