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  1. Orange and Clear TT Motor Wheel for TT DC Gearbox Motor

    ‌A nice silicone wheel for the TT motors we sell.

  2. Makeblock Omnidirectional Wheel (Pair)

    ‌Omnidirectional wheel from makeblock.

  3. Makeblock Plastic Timing Pulley 62T (4-Pack)

    62T plastic pulley. Can also be used as wheels.

  4. Makeblock Plastic Timing Pulley 90T (4-Pack)

    ‌90T plastic pulley. Can also be used as wheels.

  5. Makeblock Timing Pulley – MXL 90T Blue (4-Pack)

    ‌This is a timing pulley from Makeblock for MXL belts. Blue anonized aluminium. It has 90 teeth and a 8mm inner bore. It also has mounting holes that fit various Makeblock parts. Pack of 4.

    12,00 €
  6. Makeblock Timing Pulley Slice – 90T-B Blue (4-Pack)

    This Timing Pulley Slice can be used with the 90T timing Pulleys in order to keep the belt from slipping. Essentially making the pulley flanged.

    3,90 €


7 tuote(tta)