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HATs, pHATs & Add-Ons



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  1. Raspberry Pi - GPIO Ribbon Cable (6")

    This 2x13 flat ribbon-cable fits the GPIO headers on the Raspberry Pi so you can easily connect to the low-level peripherals and get hacking!  This cable has 0.1"-spaced connectors and is keyed for polarity.

  2. Explorer pHAT

    Explorer pHAT is the perfect prototyping side-kick for your Raspberry Pi!

    11,50 €
  3. Unicorn HAT HD

    ‌Unicorn HAT HD crams 256 RGB LEDs, in a 16x16 matrix, onto a single HAT. High-definition rainbow goodness!

    36,50 €
  4. Unicorn HAT

    ‌What's going to protect your beloved Raspberry Pi from an onslaught of rainbow-coloured fusion? That's right, it's Unicorn HAT.

    27,50 €
  5. pHAT Diffuser

    ‌This diffuser will give your pHAT lovely bokeh! Perfect with the Unicorn pHAT.

  6. Unicorn pHAT

    ‌RGB LED pHat for your Raspberry Pi.

    11,50 €
  7. Arducam Multi Camera Adapter Module for Raspberry Pi

    ‌Raspberry Pi multi camera adapter module is designed for connecting more than one camera to a single CSI camera port on Raspberry Pi board.

    49,99 €
  8. Dual Phono Connector for pHAT DAC

    Dual phono connector for the pHAT DAC.

  9. pHAT DAC

    ‌The pHAT DAC provides a super affordable high-quality DAC for the Raspberry Pi. Pumping out 24-bits at 192KHz of audio goodness from the Raspberry Pi's I2S interface on the 2x20 pin GPIO header.

    14,00 €
  10. Adafruit Pi T-Cobbler Plus Kit Breakout for 2x20 Raspberry Pi - RasPi A+, B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, Zero

    ‌‌The T-Cobbler Plus is an add on prototyping board from Adafruit specifically designed for the newer Raspberry Pi computers with a 2x20 connector, that can break out all those tasty power, GPIO, I2C and SPI pins from the 40-pin header onto a solderless breadboard. This set will make "cobbling together" prototypes with the Pi super easy.

  11. Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display

    ‌7" capacitive touch screen for the Raspberry Pi.

    89,00 €
  12. Raspberry Pi Camera Board V2 - 8MP

    The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is a high quality 8 megapixel Sony IMX219 image sensor custom designed add-on board for Raspberry Pi, featuring a fixed focus lens.

    30,00 €
  13. Raspberry Pi - GPIO Shrouded Header (2x13)

    Description: This 2x13 shrouded header has the same number and spacing of pins as the Raspberry Pi so you can easily connect via ribbon cable to the low-level peripherals and get hacking!  This through-hole header has 26 0.1"-spaced pins and is keyed for polarity.

    1,00 €
  14. OnOff SHIM

    ‌‌Add a tiny yet convenient power switch to your Pi with OnOff SHIM!



14 tuote(tta)