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  1. Adafruit 9-DOF IMU Breakout - L3GD20H + LSM303

    ‌‌This inertial-measurement-unit combines 2 of the best quality sensors available on the market to give you 9 axes of data: 3 axes of accelerometer data, 3 axes gyroscopic, and 3 axes magnetic (compass). 

    24,00 €
  2. VR IMU (Qwiic) - BNO080 High Precision VR IMU (Qwiic) - BNO080 High Precision

    VR IMU (Qwiic) - BNO080 High Precision

    ‌Breakout board for BNO080 IMU. Great for VR applications.

    Normaali hinta: 59,00 €

    Special Price 10,00 €

  3. SparkFun VR IMU Breakout - BNO080 (Qwiic)

    ‌High precision IMU based on the BN0080. Great for VR applications.

    35,00 €
  4. Gyro Breakout Board - IDG500 Dual 500°/s

    This is the breakout board for the IDG500, which includes an on-board 2.8V regulator and all pins broken out to 0.1" pin holes. The IDG-500 is a very small,  dual-axis angular rate sensor (gyroscope). It uses InvenSense’s proprietary and patented MEMS technology with vertically driven, vibrating masses to make a functionally complete, low-cost, dual-axis angular rate sensor. All required electronics are integrated onto a single chip with the sensor.

    39,50 €
  5. Triple Axis Accelerometer & Gyro Breakout - MPU-6050

    The MPU-6050 is a serious little piece of motion processing tech! By combining a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms, the MPU-6050 does away with the cross-axis alignment problems that can creep up on discrete parts.

    39,50 €
  6. DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3

    The ArduIMU+ V3 is the latest and greatest version of DIYDrones' smart IMU. This time they’ve made it smaller and faster by incorporating the new Invensense MPU-6000 MEMS 3-axis gyro and accelerometer as well the 3-axis I2C magnetometer HMC-5883L. With the GPS port and on-board Atmega328 microprocessor, the ArduIMU+ V3 is a tiny but powerful orientation solution.

    85,00 €


7 tuote(tta)