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  1. Flora Color Sensor with White Illumination LED - TCS34725

    Color sensor suitable for e-textile projects.
  2. SparkFun Grid-EYE Infrared Array Breakout - AMG8833 (Qwiic)

    ‌The SparkFun Grid-EYE Infrared Array Breakout board is an 8x8 thermopile array, meaning you have a square array of 64 pixels capable of independent temperature detection. It’s like having a thermal camera, just in a lower resolution.

    39,95 €
  3. Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera FeatherWing

    ‌A FeatherWing for the Panasonic AMG8833 8x8 GridEYE sensor that allows you to create a simple 8x8 pixel thermal camera

    39,95 €
  4. Arducam Multi Camera Adapter Module for Raspberry Pi

    ‌Raspberry Pi multi camera adapter module is designed for connecting more than one camera to a single CSI camera port on Raspberry Pi board.

    49,99 €
  5. Arducam Mini Camera Shield 2MP (OV2640) (with M12 lens)

    ‌‌2MP SPI Camera Module for Arduino from Arducam. 

    27,00 €
  6. ArduCAM-Mini-5MP-Plus OV5642 Camera Module (with M12 Lens)

    ‌5MP SPI Camera Module for Arduino from Arducam.

    42,00 €
  7. SparkFun Essential Sensor Kit

    Want to start playing with sensors, but don’t know where to begin? This kit includes a variety of basic sensors for any beginner or experienced programmer. With everything included in this kit, you’ll be able to sense acceleration, force, vibration, Infrared light, ambient light, temperature, and more! These are some great basic sensors from varying categories.
    44,00 €
  8. Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F

    Infrared proximity sensor. 3 cm to 30 cm range.

    15,00 €
  9. HDJD-S822 Color Sensor Breakout (Analog)

    • Convert light to R,G,B voltage output
    • Independent gain selection options for each R,G,B channel
    • Supply Voltage: 5VDC (A decoupling capacitor of 100nF between VDD and ground is recommended.)
    • Dark voltage: 15mV
    • Maximum output voltage swing: 3V
    24,00 €
  10. Light Dependent Resistor (Light Sensor)

    A simple ambient light sensor.

    A cadmium sulphide light dependent resistor (LDR) housed in a compact 5mm diameter package.

  11. QRE1113 Line Sensor Breakout - Analog

    This version of the QRE1113 breakout board features an easy-to-use analog output, which will vary depending on the amount of IR light reflected back to the sensor. This tiny board is perfect for line sensing applications and can be used in both 3.3V and 5V systems.

  12. LilyPad Light Sensor

    This is a simple to use light sensor that outputs an analog value from 0 to 5V. With exposure to daylight, this sensor will output 5V

  13. Infrared Proximity Sensor Long Range - Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F

    Infrared proximity sensor. 15 cm to150 cm range.

    15,00 €
  14. Omron D6T-44L – MEMS Thermal Sensor

    The D6T-44L is a great little sensor for detecting temperature of a 4X4 grid area. Can be used to detect temperature changes in the environment or as a body heat sensor for detecting humans. Basically, it is a very low resolution (4x4 pixels) thermal camera with an I2C interface that works great with microcontrollers such as the Arduino.

    65,00 €


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